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Equestriad CCN-S Event

Rider's Notes

Thank you for entering the Camden CCN-S August event.  Please read all the rider notes carefully.



Please check the website or Facebook for any last minute changes or notifications.

Please no horses in the Clubhouse area. You need to walk horses around the Main Arena to get from one area to another.




Updated as per 4.30pm Friday 2nd August 

Unfortunately we have had to make a last minute change to the timetabling of the 60cm and 80cm classes for cross country times. The 60cm cross country will now begin at 12 noon, followed by the 80cm commencing at 2pm. The new revised draw can be found below. The new cross country times do not take into consideration multiple rides, therefore please ensure all EvA60cm horses cross country between 12 noon and 1.45pm, and EvA80 must cross country between 2pm and 4pm. We understand riders with multiple rides will need to ride out of order, please advise Karen in the cross country warm up and she will fit you in as necessary.

Please check your draw carefully and advise us ASAP of any problems or errors.If your clash involves showjumping, please just see the marshal and fit in around your other times. Otherwise, try to showjump as close as possible to your showjump time to avoid long queues. Be sure to check the start and end times of the showjumping so you do not miss jumping in your class time block.


Please note that yards are not individually labelled, but there is an allocation list at the end of each yard block so please ensure you put your horse in the correct yard to avoid confusion! 


Back numbers will be available at the office from 7.30am Saturday morning.




  • Dressage Arena's CD 01 - CD 07 are in the Campdraft area

  • Dressage Arena's PC 08 - PC 16 are in the Pony Club area




All showjumping is in the main arena near the club house 



Warmup and Starting:

The EVA60, 80, 95 and CCN1*-S classes start from XC Start 2

CCN2*-S and above start from XC start 1 




  • Camping Area 1 Entry is via Exeter St

  • Camping Area 2 Entry is via Sheathers Lane

  • Day Parking: Please study the map and check your draw to help you determine the best place for you to park each day.  

  • There is no vehicle access across the grounds from one area to the other… you need to drive around right through Camden so it pays to know which entrance to use!

  • Power is limited and availability of power cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure there are NO HORSES around or near the power poles/outlets. If you want to build your own yards and have power too, you will need to ensure you have enough leads to be well away from the outlets and that the leads are safe and also well away from the horses.



Jarryd from Sydney Blade Sharpening will be on site at Camden from 11am on Saturday.  So pack all of your clipper blades, knives and scissors for sharpening and testing while you wait.


Good luck to everyone and see you on the weekend.